925 Sideline Ct. • Stockbridge, GA • 30281

Phone: (678) 369-3352 • E-mail: joseph@lathem.info

Joseph Lathem


I am seeking employment in a position where I can effectively utilize my diverse expertise in the fields of information technology, mechanical engineering, and/or electrical engineering.

Mechanical Certifications

Certifications verifiable through ASE ID ASE-5406-1806.

  • ASE-A1: Engine Repair
  • ASE-A4: Suspension & Steering
  • ASE-A5: Brakes
  • ASE-A6: Electrical/Electronic Systems

Mechanical Skills

  • Familiar with the repair and maintenance of a broad range of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems
  • Experienced in gasoline, diesel, and CNG engine systems
  • Excels at electrical diagnosis and repair
  • Able to work around problems that have no prescribed procedures
  • Able to teach complicated processes to those with the intellectual capacity to perform them

Information Technology Skills

  • Familiar with a broad range of programming languages including all variants of C and Visual Basic, Java, Python, Perl, etc.
  • Windows & Linux server administration
  • SQL database administration
  • Web development in ASP, PHP, and HTML 1-5
  • Able to teach complicated processes to those with the intellectual capacity to perform them


[ 2003 - 2008 ]East Central Community CollegeDecatur, MS

Associate of Science of Computer Networking Support Technology

Professional Experience

[ 2015 - Present ]   Emperor's Hammer

Tactical Officer (Lead Level Designer)

  • Oversees a team of four members in beta testing and correction of errors in all levels submitted by members for all of the four supported gaming platforms
  • Released a level that had been in beta for seven years under the previous Tactical Officer
  • Maintains the Tactical Office database
  • Corrects bugs in levels released by prior Tactical Officers
  • Helps level designers with design and mechanics issues
  • Currently designing a replacement for the custom level launcher and game patcher, written in Python 3.5.4

[ 2012 - Present ]   U Winn Auto Service & Repair

Automotive Technician, Webmaster

  • Performed repairs on a broad range of vehicles and equipment including motorcycles, forklifts, diesel trucks, ambulances, antique cars, log splitters, and a wide variety of gasoline powered vehicles
  • Rebuilt various pneumatic and hydraulic tools
  • Designed tools for electrical and mechanical troubleshooting
  • Modified labor procedures to reduce time and potential errors
  • Developed wiring diagrams for systems where none were available
  • Regarded as the shop's “electrical guru”
  • Built the service troubleshooting computer
  • Designed the company's website

[ 2003 - 2012 ]   Lathem Mobile Automotive Repair

Automotive Technician (Self Employed)

  • Performed various automotive repairs and modifications at customer's homes or place of business or at my father's shop
  • Converted automatic transmission vehicles to manual transmission
  • Performed engine and transmission swaps
  • Installed aftermarket audio and video systems
  • Performed cost-saving modifications to vehicle systems with common failures

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