I am a self-taught programmer who has experience with a wide variety of programming languages as well as college credits in C++, C#,, HTML 5, and SQL. I taught myself my first language (QBASIC) at the age of 9. By the age of 12 I had learned HTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, MSScript, C++, and Perl. Most recently I began coding in Python. I am always willing to learn new languages.

I've been programming since the 4th grade (1994) and tweaking OS settings since the 3rd. In 1998, I released my first video game mod (for Jedi Knight) that consisted of nothing but my own code. It was a full and legitimate release with alpha (single player testing) and beta (multi-player testing on MSN Gaming Zone) testing phases.

I grew up in Mississippi, but moved to Virginia with my mom when my parents split up. While I was there, in my senior year of high school, I switched from the regular school to a self-paced school. That allowed me to graduate after just two months instead of having to go the entire school year. After high school, I returned to Mississippi to go to college.

While attending college for my AS degree, I installed stereo and video systems in cars, built custom computers for gaming and office use, and produced DVDs for small projects to pay for books and dorm fees. My tuition was paid by a scholarship due to my high ACT scores from the outset and in my second semester I was inducted to the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

After graduating from college I came to Georgia to help my sister out with a house she had just bought. I have many skills involving plumbing, electrical, and other household-related repairs, so I could save her a lot of money by fixing everything myself. I wish I would have found a job before I came out here. I had been employed continuosly since turning 16, with the exception of the 4 months between leaving Virginia and finding a job in Mississippi. That was a job history that I was proud of, but moving to Georgia ruined that.

I tried for a few years to obtain a job in the information technology field but had to take odd jobs as a mechanic to support my family during the economic collapse. Eventually I found a job at a shop due to one of my customers referring me to the shop's owner after I had fixed many of his problems, but lacked the tools to fix all of them. It's far from my ideal job, but it pays some of the bills. Before taking this job I had primarily only performed mechanical work on my own vehicles and for a few friends, but had done a few jobs for local businesses. My normal duties provided me with opportunities to work on and rebuild a wide variety of vehicles and equipment including, but in no way limited to: diesel trucks, supercharged Miller Cycle engines, forklifts, pnuematic and hydraulic tools, high performance carburated engines, variable valve timing systems, ambulances and other purpose-specific vehicles. Aside from my normal duties, I developed a time clock and company web site for my employer during times of slow business.

In 2015, I rejoined an online gaming club I had been a part of during my teen years and was soon offered the lead level designer position based on my historical contributions to the club. Since obtaining this position I have redesigned the beta testing database and began work on updating the club's level launcher and game patcher, which I am combining into a single multi-OS program based in Python.

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